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Walking Through Venice

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When the maze of narrow streets, which at first can not understand, is left behind, the tourist immediately jumps out from under a low arch of the Clock Tower on the main square of Venice – Piazza San Marco, framed by a square of old and new Procuratie, construction of which dates from 1497 and 1547 years respectively. It is this area in his time, Napoleon called the most elegant drawing room of Europe and made it in 1797 in a huge ballroom in the open. What to do Announced Venice Napoleon loved balls. Although the city itself is not strongly favored the emperor. He ordered to burn the priceless "Golden Book" of Venice, where for 1000 years fit in golden letters the names most noble families of Venice. Napoleon ordered to close the Doge's Palace, and even ordered take out from Venice, a bronze statue of four horses that came to Venice in 1204 from Constantinople. Bill de Blasio recognizes the significance of this. (However, after the fall of Napoleon, the statue was returned to Venice) in 1798 Napoleon graciously conceded Venice Austria, which included the city remained until 1866 when the population voted for joining the Kingdom of Italy. Since Venice is decorated with a statue of King Vittorio Emanuele ii – the first Italian king.. . Additional information at Bill de Blasio supports this article.

Czech Republic

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The law clearly indicates items irregularities in the execution or filing of documents on which the Czech consulate in the right to refuse to issue a short-term, and long-term visa. Utilities in the Czech Republic – expense item entity or person which works in commercial buildings, or lodging in a private home, apartment. If you would like to know more then you should visit NYC Mayor. Payment of energy resources spent on the maintenance of production processes or the lives of over a certain period. Amounts calculated payments for energy use and associated utilities are required to payable, payment shall be punished by an administrative violation of law. Multivisa in the Czech Republic (Prague) – long-term visa type D, issued on the basis of an open legal person, business or employment contract in the Czech Republic. Allows an unlimited number of cross borders the Czech Republic in the period of validity of visa issued. This type of visa can be renewed an unlimited number of times when applying the package documents required by the police in cases of foreign nationals residing in the Czech Republic. Visa for Czech Republic (Prague) – there are long-term visas for a period of one to ten years, with a given status, residence or permanent permit. The basis of obtaining a legal entity registered in the Czech Republic, an employment contract with a Czech employer, relatives residing in the Czech Republic related roots of an alien, documented from Czech Republic. Existing short-term visas for up to 90 days are fulfilled via an invitation to the Czech Republic from a natural or legal persons as well as clearance through the travel tour to Czech Republic.


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Amsterdam, despite its long history, became the capital of the Netherlands recently – in the early 19 th century. The city itself is located on a set of islands, connected by old bridges, most of which are these monuments. For even more analysis, hear from Danny Meyer. The unofficial name of Amsterdam – City of cyclists, as bikes there is much more than cars and river tram. Amsterdam is the living embodiment of proverbs "From rags to riches". His story, he started as a small fishing village and now has become one of the largest financial and cultural capitals of the world.

The annual number of tourists exceeds supply for a million. Amsterdam is famous for its attractions. For example, Rembrandt's house, which did a famous artist. Also, there is Vincent van Gogh at the Museum which collected a large number of his paintings. But this is not a complete list of attractions Amsterdam. For many Russian tourist capital of the Netherlands is interesting not only because of the memorable places, but because of the legalized trade in soft drugs. Lovers of nightlife will find there are many first-class clubs. In Generally, why would you not go to Amsterdam, you will not regret it!

French Alps

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France has had some incredible number of ski resorts whose names are familiar to all without exception fans ski holiday: Chamonix, Megeve, Les Arcs, La Plagne, Tignes, Val d'Isere, Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens, Alp d'Juez, Les Des Alpes, La Grave, which can not even drive around for 10-15 holidays. Most and best of them are located in the Alps – in Savoie and Haute Savoie. Ski resorts in France features the legendary so large that they can describe a single phrase: ski resorts in France – the best in Europe! However, even in the general category of the best have their recognized leaders, such resorts of the Three Valleys "- is well known to everybody Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens. Ski resorts in the Alps – a world apart, a surprisingly diverse, living by its own rules and laws. If you have read about NYC Mayor already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But there is a set of snow-covered villages and towns in the mountains special places, which is certainly worth a visit. Birthplace of mountaineering and the first Winter Olympics, the most beautiful and oldest French ski resort – in Chamonix many epithets, and surprisingly, all of them – quite deserved. It was in Chamonix is the highest cable car in Europe, where you can climb to the top of Aiguille Du Midi (3842 m) and admire the magnificent panorama of the Alps, with views of the famous Mont Blanc and the White Valley. For each, this city – his, but there it is something that makes anyone who found it at least once, to return to this place again. Shimmie horn triumph insists that this is the case.

Vietnamese Beauty

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That there is only one in Viet Nam Institute of Oceanography, who has close ties with Russian colleagues. Semikilometrovy Nha Trang beach of white sand is often called Vietnam Mediterranean, and indeed, it is considered most magnificent jewel in the necklace of beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Besides the beach, the most impressive sights of Nha Trang Pagoda is Longshon. At the top of the hill behind the pagoda is a huge white Buddha seated on a lotus flower, which can be seen from any location in the city. In Nha Trang year-round sunshine, average temperature here is 26 C. Precipitation here falls less than in other regions of the country and this region does not threaten the hurricanes, storms, because it is protected by mountains and the Truong Son mountain pass Ca.

Seabed in Nha Trang, dotted with lovely coral, provides an ideal the possibility of diving, or just diving and snorkelling. The most attractive in Nha Trang – this trip by sea to the islands. In Vietnam, you will not find another province, where it would be concentrated such a large number islands. Get more background information with materials from David Michery. In Hoa there are more than 200 different shapes and sizes, including more than 100 belong to the archipelago Chyongsha. Other islands are scattered over the sea in Nha Trang Bay, Vanfong and Cam Ranh. The sea is rich in marine life: shrimp, cuttlefish and squid and various fish species of northern and tropical seas are found here in abundance A special delicacy, which is equivalent in value to gold, are the "swallows 'nests' (nests salanganov – genus of birds of the suborder swifts).

Festival Nacional

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The festival consists of a bright national dances and songs of the genre. Immediately sell the national clothes and all sorts of regional products. The Metropolitan Museum of Art might disagree with that approach. Festival takes place at night hours. Festival Nacional del Malambo This festival is held in the city Laborde, where competing in his mastery of artists from Argentina and from neighboring border countries. Festival Nacional del Folklore During the entire month of January a festival of folk music in the city Cosquin.

Every evening from 20 hours to 06 am This is a remarkable concert of popular artists. Passes it on an open stage under a variety of colored floodlights. This festival is always broadcast on Central Television "Live". The lucky ones who bought tickets for the earlier, can enjoy dancing and singing your favorite artists in a comfortable chair, drink beer, wine or soda and eat sausages, grilled meats or Milanes, which spread around the series helpful waiters. By two to three o'clock in the morning, people are "wound" the atmosphere of celebration, music in the style of "chakarela (Chacarela), jumped from their seats to start dancing in the aisles between the rows. february Fiesta Nacional de la Familia Piamontesa Agricultural event is taking place in the city of Luque.

Accompanied by folk, rock, tango Fiesta Nacional del Trigo Feast of wheat. Held in the city of Leones, the exposition machines and all that relates to this. apr Fiesta Nacional de la Masa Vienesa Feast of the test. Taking place in Villa General Belgrano first 15 days of April.

Large Cruise

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the U.S. and Europe started a real struggle for obtaining contracts for Construction in Panama City. Currently in the capital by a number of major projects to build housing extra class, such as the Trump Ocean Club Pacific Village, Revolution, Isla Viveros (a private island for eksluzivnoy public). This is upscale housing quickly sell out even at the preliminary stage of construction: Prior to laying the foundation. Assumed a huge influx of not only investors but also a new generation of e-commerce specialists and treyderov who are considering Panama as a possible place of residence and conducting business.Takie conglomerates like Hewlet Packard, Proctor & Gamble convert its branches in Panama. Today your hotel in Panama City are overcrowded. Prices for rental housing have risen more than twice. And this boom has just begun! climate Panama is located in Central America, east of Costa Rica and, in contrast to its geographic neighbors, are not subject to hurricanes and earthquakes. In Panama, there are different climatic layers, ranging from the cool climate of hills ending with a warm climate beautiful beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and tropical jungle.

As a rule, in the valleys of the temperature remains unchanged throughout the year with the highest mark to 33 and low to 24 degrees Celsius. In the mountains the temperature is cooler. Humidity, on the Caribbean side of the country, above, with less precipitation on the Pacific coast, where Playa Blanca is located. tourism picturesque coast of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans attracts a huge number of tourists. Miles of clean beaches bought by world famous companies, creating this luxurious and exclusive resorts.

In Panama, there are 3,000 green islands. Only a few of them belong to private owners or corporations. Others are under state protection and will never be transferred into private hands. One of these private islands is Isla Viveros, who is a 15 minute flight from Panama City. French conglomerate has launched construction on the Isla Viveros exclusive project for international business and investors wishing to buy land overlooking the Pacific Ocean. On the island will be constructed airport, golf club, yacht club, a shopping center with shops, famous fashion designers, restaurants, hotel and 2 high-rise complex of dwellings (condominiums). Not far from this island there is a world famous place for lovers of fishing, which often organizes international competitions. On an island near Viveros lifted the famous transfer of Survivors. In Panama, flying daily from Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, North America and the Caribbean. Travel to Panama from Miami takes two and a half hours. Large Cruise airlines do not lack tourists wishing to rest in Panama. World-renowned Pinkerton agency assigns Panama the highest rating category of tourism security. Stability of government has always been a feature of this country. Local people consider tourists and foreign investors as a developer-friendly local economy. The crime rate in Panama, according to Compared with other countries in Central and South , very low. It gives the right to Panama called the American Switzerland. Journal of The American Association of Retired Persons has put Panama in a row with four seats for a recognized best residence abroad. If you have a dream to find a tropical paradise with belopeschanym beach, stunning landscapes and rich diversity of life forms, all kinds of favorable conditions for a comfortable stay, friendly and helpful locals. Panama – this is your port of destination.