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Culinary Delights

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Would you like to look top chefs at a culinary world tour over the shoulder? In the new in-spot in Berlin-Moabit, guests can watch chefs over the shoulder and in an atmosphere like home food and relaxation. True to the motto: “Home is where your friend is!” Berlin, April 15, 2010 – known formerly as deli restaurant in a new guise and with great party will be reopened on April 22, 2010. The chefs Oliver Lorenz and Emilio Deocampo, who found inspiration in the past ten years in the master kitchens of the world, await their guests with unique creations. You will spoil the palate of taste aesthetes among others with the best BBQ burgers of Berlin and California Cedar salmon. Read more from New York Museums to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Special: The guests become part of the culinary journey of discovery. You can the so-called chef’s table along with the star tested Kuchenschefs new ideas and with creating their personal dishes. Already in the run-up to interested in your new were at home”to include namely the Naming.

(www.goodbyedeli.de). to the opening party the winner name is officially announced and awarded the ten best proposals the winner can indulge with seven friends at the rustic chef’s table. At the opening, there are fine food and tasty drinks. All culinary Explorers are welcome.

Federal Republic

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Saccharin is a part of phthalic acid. Apart from this, that this is part of a sweetener, phthalic acid is also used in plasticizers and also paints. This substance has led, other major water pollution in China. There are some additional alternatives to sugar, such as E.g. fructose, Glyzyrrhizin, brazzein, Curculin, erythritol, isomalt, Lytitol, Mabinlin, Pentadin, sorbitol, REB A, Tagtose, Thaumatin and also Xyxlitol. Many of those terms sound dangerous, but but produced from fruits and plants, such as stevia.

Stevia is a green herb from the country of Paraguay, which is sweeter than cane sugar, a few hundred times on the same weight of sugar. To put this once figuratively in the relationship is based on the sweetness, just as effective as a full glass of sugar, one teaspoon of refined stevia powder. It contains no calories, however, and causes no tooth decay. Stevia is not recent discovery. That is used already for over a thousand years by the Ureingeborenen in South America for medical purposes and also to sweeten.

It is also in the land of the rising sun for several decades and in the United States as well as in our neighbouring country of France since 2008 to get. The euro-zone with the Federal Republic has stevia since the end of last year, after carrying out several studies, Germany officially to have. Stevia is to get as leaves, powder or liquid extract. The strongest sweet strength have the powder and the liquid extract. Unlike aspartame, stevia is temperature-resistant. Thus, it can be used without difficulty to the cooking and baking for many recipes. Overall, stevia is a healthier and naturfreundlichere choice for a sweet tooth. Oh, and it’s wonderful finally to determine that stevia is also good. So, stevia is a good sugar substitute.