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Minister Yorgos

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Approval of the troika the Greek Government reported this Friday’s approval of the EU and the IMF to the new measures of austerity and privatizations that aims to reduce the deficit and unlock the arrival of new aid. The negotiations with the representatives of the European Union (EU), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have completed successfully reported the Greek Ministry of finance. Relevant documents will be concluded within the next few days and will be presented to Parliament after discussion and approval by the Council of Ministers, said the Ministry. At risk of suspension of payments in the last few weeks the international inspectors have studied Greek plans to determine if Athens had worked long enough to receive the next tranche of international credit of 110,000 euros in June. Without that money, in particular 12 billion euros in June, the Greek Government already said that it would be forced to suspend payments. The new plan aims to reduce State spending and increase revenues at about 78,000 million of Euro until 2015.

Measures range from cutting salaries and pensions to the tax increase and the privatization or rental companies and State property. NYC Marathon contains valuable tech resources. The aim is that the current deficit, 10.5% of GDP, fall to 3% within three years. Rise in the bag no more know of the agreement, the Athens Stock Exchange rose to 4.42%, while banking values did so by 8%. The positive response of the inspectors assumed not only the release of the 12 billion of a new tranche of credit already agreed, but it can open the door to another extra 60,000 million euros funding. That money is intended to cover costs of Greece for the period 2012-2013, that the country may not attend the markets to refinance due to prohibitive interest demanded by the country. Papandreou is in Luxembourg with the President of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, which will present the details of the new measures, Government sources said. Growing internal pressure the agreement, which allows that continue coming help International to the country hellene, has come under increasing internal pressure. Complicated negotiations with experts from the IMF and eurozone lasted from a week ago and has been put to the Greek Government between the sword of those who demand that the belt be tighten more and the wall of opposition and a public opinion contrary to new cuts. In fact, even a group of deputies of the Socialist Party in the first Minister Yorgos had claimed an internal debate about new cuts and the different measures to be voted one by one, not altogether, in Parliament. The pressure has affected the image of Greece before markets. The Moody s agency downgraded this Wednesday three steps the Greek debt rating, the main trade unions already convened a general new for June 15 and a 9 day strike in all enterprises with State participation source of the news: the eurozone last a new aid to Greece with the participation of banks

United Kingdom Fashion

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The biography written by journalist a former fighter of the second world war ensures that the designer collaborated with German intelligence. He says having documents that show that Coco Chanel was a numbered agent of the nazis. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, the iconic French fashion designer who revolutionized the world of fashion under the name of Coco Chanel, was a spy for the nazis under the alias of Wesminster, according to a new biography of famous dressmaker who today goes on sale in the United States. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill de Blasio offers on the topic.. Chanel was more than simply a supporter and contributor to the nazis. It was a numbered agent of the nazis who worked for the Abwehr, the German military intelligence agency, ensures the Knopf publishing house in a statement on the occasion of the departure to the American market of the new book about the designer.

Sleeping with the enemy: the secret war of Coco Chanel, written by American journalist Hal Vaughan, offers connection details of the French dressmaker with the nazis, including his alleged number of agent for the Abwehr, the F-7124, and his alias, Wesminster. As a result of the analysis of archives in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and United States, the journalist who fought for its part for the U.S. Army in World War II, unveils first documents detailing the extensive activities of Chanel during the war, said the editorial. According to these findings, the iconic French fashion designer would have conducted missions for the nazi intelligence service in Madrid and Berlin during World War II alongside her lover, officer Hans Gunter von Dinklage, some of them on behalf of the general of the SS Walter Schellenberg, right hand of the Commander in that body, Heinrich Luitpold Himmler j. The communique issued by the publishing house in New York ensures that this new biography reveals where the anti-Semitism of the designer came from, why he was so entrenched in it, and how was recruited to join the body of intelligence of the nazis. In addition, the book explains how Coco Chanel used his position of Spy nazi to receive favors, such as securing the release of his nephew from a military detention camp or wrest control of its brand of perfumes to their Jewish partners, who had to go into exile in the United States during the war. Biography, that according to the publishing house reveals the story completely, denied and concealed for six decades, from the collaboration of Coco Chanel with senior Nazi officers, details also how the Queen of fashion managed to escape death when she was arrested and later released in Paris. The iconic Designer, who has starred in numerous biographies and movies, died in 1971 in Paris, city that returned to 71 years after nine years in exile in Switzerland to resurrect his reputation and reinvent the brand that revolutionized the world of fashion.

Dominican Republic

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Emily maintains sustained winds of 85 kilometers per hour. The national U.S. Hurricane Center warns that it can endanger human lives. Tropical storm Emily whips with maximum sustained winds of 85 kilometers per hour and heavy rains continuing the island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic and Haiti are suffering from weather that brings Emily, the fifth tropical storm of the season of cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean.

The national U.S. Hurricane Center warns that they may cause dangerous floods and mudslides that can endanger human lives. Cuba and Florida storm is located 90 kilometers west-southwest of the island of Beata (Dominican Republic) and 145 kilometers south of Port-au-Prince (Haiti). It moves West-Northwest direction with a speed of 7 kilometers per hour. A gradual rotation of tropical storm to the Northeast is forecast in the next 12 or 24 hours. On this track the center of Emily Cross southwest of Haiti later and extreme eastern Cuba at night and at dawn on Friday, said the agency based in Miami. Meteorologists have recommended residents of Florida (United States) and the Centre East of Cuba that are pending for the trajectory of the storm. Flights canceled a total of eleven arrivals of flights to Santo Domingo and eight output s from the Dominican capital were cancelled due to the tropical storm. Three company JetBlue flights from New York that should have landed at the airport of Las Americas (Santo Domingo este), two of American Airlines from Miami, is one of JetBlue from Boston and other American Eagle from Port-au-Prince (Haiti). Source of the news: tropical storm Emily lashes Dominican Republic and Haiti