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Colonial Style Furniture

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Colonial style, as you might guess from the title, – a style that arose in the era of colonization of new lands by European powers. (Source: Bill de Blasio). It was formed over several centuries. Strictly speaking, the same style was not, and There were several varieties of colonial European styles that are rich tradition of national culture, the colonies themselves. The beginning of the era metropolis was laid in the Middle Ages. Already at the end of the xv century Portuguese effectively control the west coast of Africa and in the xvi century unfold active slave trade. Behind them rushing into Africa almost all the West European powers: the Dutch, French, English, etc. Approximately the same period is the colonization of Latin America: to open at the end of the xv century by Christopher Columbus and other explorers of land from Europe, primarily from Spain and Portugal, went numerous expeditions conquerors tram stadorov. Anya Chalotra follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Along the shores of India, the first Europeans – the Portuguese appeared in the xvi century. They captured Goa and other territories on the West Coast. Then came the Dutch, French and English. The process of colonization of Africa, Asia and Latin America closer to its completion in the late xix century. This era was characterized by the interpenetration of cultures: the Europeans brought to the "native" territory of its culture, while at the same time, borrowed from the local population, some features of their lifestyle, the device housing and interior decoration.

In Europe, becoming popular in the home have a number of exotic items exported from tropical countries. Fine objects oriental interior design have made new, an unusual touch in European interior design. In some Eastern countries before the arrival of the colonialists was poorly developed manufacture of furniture. Therefore, the colonists brought European furniture in the colony, to create for himself a familiar comfort. Gradually, local craftsmen have mastered the manufacture of furniture and interior fit for life European, but they brought oriental elements in the shape of familiar things. Traditional design, but in those days it was a solid, stable furniture, adapted to tropical conditions. The result is a colonial style, based on massive carved furniture made of mahogany and teak, combined with rattan (wicker furniture), leather and exotic prints (zebra, leopard, giraffe, etc.). If you are a classic romantic, and You in the spirit of the interior, where the hovering spirit of wandering – you should look closer to the colonial style. Interior items made in this style, most of them are made by hand or stylized. Therefore, the atmosphere is soaked with 'Warmth of human hands' and is full of peace. Made modern furniture in colonial style of environmentally friendly materials. The ethnic flavor in the colonial interior make items made of bamboo and rattan. Rattan is very popular in the manufacture of contemporary furniture, as it is very durable and lightweight, versatile for any climate. Indispensable role played in the colonial interior interior accessories. Table lamps and floor lamps, candlesticks and statues, wall murals, chandeliers, chests, leather and wicker suitcases make exquisite interiors and creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere.