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Public Moral Analyzing

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Violence against the public moral: Analyzing the literary composition ' ' Release of the Cear' ' of the writer Rodolfo Tefilo. Jose de Paula Da Silva Rodrigues SUMMARY the work aims at to point consideraes on the literary composition of Rodolfo Tefilo, whose subject is ' ' Release of the Cear' '. For better understanding of the subject and that it does not have one me the interpretation, the name Release it is not if relating of the black slaves, but yes of the pertaining to the state of Cear people who per 16 years suffered to size indifference in the public administration from Antonio Young chicken Acioly Walnut. In this workmanship the form is sufficiently explicit as the public money was badly used for the said governor. The historiogrfico work carried through by Rodolfo Tefilo is of utmost importance for our research and analysis of the respective subject, since the author of the workmanship lived deeply all this trajectory.

Finally, we intend to show as if it gave to these facts through citations and our conclusions regarding the subject. Words key: Embezzlement, Violence and Nepotism. The literary composition produced by Rodolfo Tefilo, whose heading is ' ' Release of the Cear' ' , it has a historiogrfico value very important for the pertaining to the state of Cear society in intention more specifically to show as the 1912 functioned the public administration in years 1896, in the management of the government Acioli Walnut. This article has as objective to analyze the workmanship written for Rodolfo Tefilo, in which its content shows to all a problematic one that the author lived deeply in the end of century XIX for middle of century XX in the state of the Cear. When analyzing the workmanship we perceive the partiality and the conditioning for the o its partner-politician-cultural environment. The author looks for to follow the line of the scientific history, in which the facts speak for itself.