Samara Recruitment Agencies

In 2009 on the recruitment market of Samara began with a complete lull in January, with respect to orders for personnel selection, indiscriminate firing of employees from various industries. Kadrovoye agency Samara feel breath crisis in the second half of 2008, also responded to the reduction of their expenses for promotion, advertising, sales offices and staff. February was also in a coma – recruitment ceased almost completely, and cuts less no more. March – the first month, which showed a decrease in the level of wave cuts. In March, there appeared the first forecasts that the economy begins to recover and soon recruiting will be restored. However, vacancies in Samara, on which employers are actually willing to take sotrudikov was one.

In March, declared itself an active exchange of labor for money that candidates offer to pick up his work. Free sites were blocked it is their jobs and the main goal of these companies – a contract with the applicant, obtain his money. The contract labor exchanges, there is no guarantee of finding a point of soikatelyu. April showed continued reductions in personnel at various companies, but for some companies recruiting again became important and the most nimble Employment Agencies Samara received the first new customers this year. May – traditionally a month divided holidays and business activity it is not great. Interest in recruiting staff in the company has not decreased but not increased.

The first half of June shows no abrupt change in the picture as a whole. About 40% of companies do not exclude possibility of further staff reductions, many reduce the working week and working hours. The number of jobs transferred to the work of recruitment agencies is not increased. But, lets do business, sharpen their professional skills and wait for economic growth, which would demand services. For the first half year increased interest in services for personnel management. such as staff leasing and outstaffing, but This scheme is beneficial and does not suit all companies. Komppanii is that work on the white tax schemes retain an interest in these services, because they can flexibly respond to the current situation and adjust number of staff. The greatest number of resumes received, now out of the scope of marketing, advertising, PR. It is interesting to note that the exchange of labor began to turn to recruitment agencies and personnel to offer their own candidates. Previously, this was not. Apparently a wave of resentment from people who lost their jobs and gave their last money for a new search is growing. The conclusion in this situation is simple: you have to go to work ethically staffing company, not collects money for employment.