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Federal Reserve

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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York may be compelled to hand over documents related to the bailout by the Government of the American International Group after that the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said he will issue an order to appear. Edolphus Towns, Democrat of New York who heads the oversight and government reform of the Committee, said in a statement it will issue an order to appear today to get the records of the New York Fed about the decision taken reimbursed entirely to members of AIG. Banks such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Educate yourself with thoughts from Danny Meyer. and Societe Generale SA were among the beneficiaries of the bailout of AIG, called a back door for these financial organizations rescue plan by legislators. The Federal Reserve of New York which was directed by Timothy Geithner when AIG was rescued, had resisted calls from November provide documents without a subpoena. Darrell Issa of California, the highest-ranking Republican in the Oversight Committee, said today in a letter to the Federal Reserve of New York asked AIG to withhold and delay the disclosure of information about bank payments, in accordance with information published by various sources last week. With this subpoena documents that will shed light, will be provided to the Committee on how taxpayers money was used for the bailout plan to members of AIG.

Lingerie Football League

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Today I want to talk about them in a sport that was originally practiced by men, however with the passage of time, this sport has been practiced from children to women, here will depart to speak of the Lingerie Football League. All associate professional football, as a contact sport and exclusive of men, however the LFL has gained ground slowly in the taste of the people and more by men, since ya que es is a supplement of beauty and delicadesa combined with the rudeness of the tackles and everything that this implies. The lingerie Bowl Match called asi previously, since during the breaks of the Super Bowl, these girls fell in action, showing off its beauty and dexterity they have for all the moves that they made. Without hesitation New York museums explained all about the problem. This League was founded in 2009, with 10 teams in two conferences (Conference East-West), the teams that particpan are: Philadelphia passion, Chicago Bliss, Miami Heat (my favorite), Majestic New York, Tampa Breeze, the desep of Dallas, Denver dream, San Diego Seduction, Seatle Mist, Los Angeles. No doubt any is a do sport aposianante and more when play you girls like them you are saying?