The Final Years

Fields occasionally inviting people to his house. Anthony Quinn and his wife Katherine DeMille (daughter of famed Hollywood director Ernst Cecil B. DeMille) Fields called on one afternoon, which became a nightmare when the Quinns’s two-year-old son, Christopher, drowned in Fields’s lily pond. Fields was hit hard by this incident, and brooded about it for months.
Generally, Fields fraternize with other actors, directors and writers who shared his fondness for good company and good liquor. John Barrymore, Gregory La Cava, and Gene Fowler were a few of his intimates.
In 1940, when the presidential election approached, Fields began to cherish the idea of lampoon political campaigns. Henry Wallace wrote to the candidate with the idea of extracting material coming from the speeches of Wallace. But when he responded with a warm and personal letter, the comedian decided to not make fun of him. Instead, Fields wrote a book called Fields for President (Fields chairman), a humorous essay in the style of a political campaign. The publisher Dodd, Mead and Company pubilco it in 1940 but refused to make a second edition. The book sold very well, mainly because readers do not know if Fields was talking seriously and really wanted to run for president. Dodd, Mead and Company as reissued in 1971, when Fields was seen as a personality against the establishment. The 1940 edition had illustrations Otto Soglow reprint 1971 was illustrated with pictures of Fields.
Occasionally also present in radio even 1946 (the year of his death), often with hospital Edgar Bergen, and before his death that same year he recorded an album spoken, he presents his comic book Temperance Lecture (lecture on temperance) and The Day I Drank A Glass Of Water (the day Children’s Hospital you drank a glass of water). Fields was too sick to go to the recording studio, so Les Paul will take the equipment home. Fields’s vision was so damaged that his script leia cards print large. That was the last presentation of W. C. Fields and “despite his fragile health ‘one of the most beautiful.
Fields in 1946 suffered a serious stomach bleeding. Spent his last weeks in the hospital. Way to visit a friend and caught him reading the Bible. When I ask if that was an atheist leia, Fields replied: “I am looking for Asset Management coartadas .
As a final irony, W. C. Fields said that he died despise the holiday: Christmas. As documented in W. C. Fields and Me (WC Fields and I, published in 1971, the book was adapted as the movie of the same name, starring Rod Steiger), Fields died in the Las Encinas hospital in Pasadena (California), a hospital type bungalow. When he was dying, Carlotta Monti, his wife of many years, said a hose and went to the roof, to hear University of Southern California Fields for the last time his favorite sound of rain on the roof callendo. According to the documentary W. C. Fields Straight Up, his death happened this way: he smiled and Guino eye to a nurse, put a finger on his lips and died. Fields was 66 years old and had been patient for 14 months.
He was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale (California).

The New York Observer
It is 10 months, because everyone involved in Lower Manhattan development seriously JPMorgan chases pledge to build a new 40 – story investment banking headquarters opposite the World Trade Center site. The Titans financial shotgun marriage with a dying Bear Stearns last winter was usually kill the deal, such as Bear Stearns had its own newer Midtown skyscraper for investment …
New York Times
The history of finance is littered with disaster stories of commercial banks to acquire their Wall Street cousins. In good times, the investment bankers with their Herm’ties often sell high, then wave goodbye to their new owners unglamorous.
International Herald Tribune
History cautions against a traditional philanthropy lender to buy an investment bank, but that fact seems to have forgotten at the Bank of America decided to buy Merrill Lynch.
WCBS-TV New York
Workers should start lifting the jet liner immersed in the Hudson River. Researchers say that, fill with water, the aircraft weighs 1 million pounds. It is almost completely submerged next to a seawall in Lower Manhattan. Workers are using a crane to begin the slow process of collecting on a waiting barge. “From CBS11tv. com, Dallas: ‘Miracle’