The Organization


The second function is more direct. If other things remain constant, those decisions of great importance that the quality of the decision have, in turn, considerable importance, enabling more participatory processes. Based on the structure of Group (goals, objectives, corporate culture) and so that they are effective and provide value to the Organization, it is clear that business climate that encourages harassment is that of organizations, improvisadoras or informal structure which have weakness in one, some or all their levels; are already structured in group or individually. This weakness may be in hierarchical positions, roles, relationships of interdependence or objectives and targets both horizontal and vertical level. I.e., in a climate without a proper design that allows an organizational effectiveness from the participation of each of those involved. That is the first factor to mention is a low-grade organizational. One of the factors more determinants will give this type of conflicts in the organization is that the objectives and tasks defined for a particular post are not communicating the worker suffering harassment; Therefore the Factor communication is equally relevant.

Actions as deprive or diminish the resources appropriate for the performance of the work, own of Mobbing that far from achieving confidence, solidarity and support between those involved get lack of motivation, low satisfaction, interpersonal conflict and role ambiguity, well talk about a stressful work environment, given that the worker does not know what they have to do in every moment, or with what. Therefore an impact not only on the worker or group but on the external image of the Organization, (competitiveness and efficiency). More than wage policies of low wages that create motivation. So therefore in this climate we will not find the environment to develop the discrepancies on tasks and goals. In conclusion I would say that Mobbing climate favors from organizational deficits, low pay, stressful environment, lack or deficit of communication and information and the establishment of an authoritarian and autocratic leadership, mainly.