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French Literature Trilogy

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Candidate to the Prince went of Asturias in 2009. She is author of a trilogy on a family before and after World War II. Its work was adapted to the theater with great success in New York. Kristf exhausts, Hungarian writer in French language, has passed away east Wednesday in Switzerland. Author of the formed trilogy the great notebook, the test and the third lie; the French critics consider one of the most important pens of French Literature of the end of century XX next to Samuel Beckett and Eugne Ionescu. ” I have neither desire nor fuerza” , he said when he announced the March last in an interview to a Hungarian literary vestibule that would not write more. Been born in Cskvnd in 1935, to the nine years he wrote his first verses while she was internal near the border with Austria.

The Soviet repression subsequent to the Hungarian revolt of forced it to 1956 to I exile and it settled in Switzerland with his husband. In the Helvetic country she is where he would begin to publish his works, by which, among others, it would obtain the Italian award Alberto Moravia (1988) and the German Gottfried Keller (2001). Its native country granted the prize to him Kossuth, the highest Hungarian artsitica distinction. The mentioned trilogy, translated to more than 30 languages, narrates the history of a family during and after World War II. It was adapted for the theater in diverse countries and achieved a great success in New York in 2007. In 2009 he was one of the candidates for the Prize Prince of Asturias of the Letters, who finally received the Albanian Ismail Kadar.


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Crowdsourcing, neologism that comes from the conjunction of the Anglo-Saxon words crowd (crowd) and source (source), usually translated into Spanish as crowdsourcing, and is a new model of business over the Internet, by which a specific job, such as the production of content, is not delegated to a person or a company, but a mass audienceusually consisting of anonymous individuals. You can treat users of a web site or public in general, subjected to a propaganda message.Crowdsourcing, as operative’s work, can be applied to almost any area. There are many web sites that work under this precept and offer their services to various tasks, such as programming or design web. In all cases, the system uses the possibilities that allows the mass popularization of Internet. Here we will make a tour through the history of crowdsourcing and the different modes that adopts. The beginnings of the first crowdsourcingEl in analytically deal with the issue of the Crowdsourcing was Jeff Howe, an editor of the technology magazine Wired, who pointed out the relationship between the origin of the crowdsourcing and open source or open source software.

Open source software offers you the possibility, to any user, edit the schedule, so that development gives collaboratively by users of the applications themselves. Tentative experiences linked to the exploitation of the reach of the Internet for the solution to a problem are innumerable, and include cases extravagant as the blog network paperclip, which allowed him a young, through successive exchanges and after one year, trocar a paper clip for a House. Another example of huge media resonance was another young man who, thanks to a web page and the help of the Internet, managed to find a girl that is had fallen in love in the metro of New York.De Wikipedia to Google MapsUno of the best-known crowdsourcing examples is the famed encyclopedia Wikipedia, whose content is generated, updated and maintained by the users of the web. The idea of using crowdsourcing as a generator of content not necessarily is limited to the writing of texts, as evidenced by the Google Maps Google service, by which users indicate the location of businesses, institutions and other references. This allows an exponential growth of the databases for these services, which are fed continuously by Internet users around the world.ReCaptcha, the automated digitalization of librosReCaptcha is a service that consists of a small locker which, added to any web site, allows you to verify that the users of the sites are real and not automated applications.

The interesting thing about ReCaptcha is that below this service anti-spam works a not very well-known crowdsourcing system: each time that a user type the words contained in the image that is presented, is digitizing a book words, a task that existing text recognition applications unable to perform effectively. Learn more on the subject from Shimmie Horn. Benefits and controversies of the crowdsourcing crowdsourcingEl represents a benefit clear for those who It gives start initiatives, since it enables quality results at a low cost, whatever the work to perform. It is common to find objections to this modality of work, mainly based in which being used users to obtain a revenue, which even is often associated with labor exploitation. However, for the moment there judicial cases, or complaints from users. The popularization of web sites based on crowdsourcing suggests that the model is here to stay.

New York University

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Two for the price of one! I believe that it is the exact phrase that could be described in a study that revealed that exercise improves both physical health also benefits in enormous proportions to the memory. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tiffin Wallah. Do you want to know what? Read this article to the end and find out for yourself: researchers from the University of Illinois found that exercise mainly cardiovascular practiced for a consistent period of time, significantly reduces the amount of brain tissue that is lost during the passage of time. In a test carried out to people between 40-55 years they showed that people who were physically active were much more active and less damaged brain that those who remained sedentary. Steps could follow? According to these studies with only enhance exercise 30 minutes a day could serve to develop the memory! Thus it is memorization exercises not only perform certain techniques or formulas, but also the State physical is a very important pillar to the brain to extraordinary levels. Without hesitation Shimmie Horn explained all about the problem. That is not all recently at New York University, has discovered that losing weight could improve memory function. How so? Because the weight loss improvement way that regulates glucose and it has been shown that regulation of this substance optimal it relates directly to the improvement of memory.

People with a poor regulation of glucose have smaller hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that is related to memory.Now that you know this that could be done? The exercise for me was a bit boring so my personal way of doing implements it, you could do the same: this is my very personal recommendation, since you can perform any exercise you want. The important thing is to take action. Dance! to my I love dancing and according to experts the dance is practiced regularly helps to decrease the occurrence of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. By What? In a study published in the journal New England Journal mentions that in addition to a great physical activity dancing also needs a great mental effort among people studied for this study found that danced regularly showed a probability of developing dementia 76% lower than those who not practiced it. Amazing! So I invite you to take action, practice the exercise you want, have fun in the process.

Lingerie Football League

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Today I want to talk about them in a sport that was originally practiced by men, however with the passage of time, this sport has been practiced from children to women, here will depart to speak of the Lingerie Football League. All associate professional football, as a contact sport and exclusive of men, however the LFL has gained ground slowly in the taste of the people and more by men, since ya que es is a supplement of beauty and delicadesa combined with the rudeness of the tackles and everything that this implies. The lingerie Bowl Match called asi previously, since during the breaks of the Super Bowl, these girls fell in action, showing off its beauty and dexterity they have for all the moves that they made. Without hesitation New York museums explained all about the problem. This League was founded in 2009, with 10 teams in two conferences (Conference East-West), the teams that particpan are: Philadelphia passion, Chicago Bliss, Miami Heat (my favorite), Majestic New York, Tampa Breeze, the desep of Dallas, Denver dream, San Diego Seduction, Seatle Mist, Los Angeles. No doubt any is a do sport aposianante and more when play you girls like them you are saying?

Maybelline Makeup

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Since 1915 T.L. In a question-answer forum best bars in New York was the first to reply. Williams creates the maybelline makeup company, this has not stopped grow continuously. In honor of her sister, Williams gave the company the name of the young Keisy, which was the inspiration behind the brand and wanting to commercialize a mask to darken eyelashes. Thus was born Maybelline Cake Mascaray this impact was born and continued which was forged until today. See more detailed opinions by reading what Shimmie Horn offers on the topic.. After the creation and marketing of eyebrows, eye shadows, EYELINERS, Ultra Lash, a mask resistant to water (1960) and his subsequent invention of the other products that today make up the Maybelline signature, can say that the brand has done in its history a success that has formed a company with high expectations in the world of cosmeticsa proposal for millions of people and a pace of life for others.

Today, Maybelline New York is the main brand of cosmetics in the world. The products are sold in most stores for consumption in the United States, including pharmacies or supermarkets. Furthermore, it is present in more than 90 countries as a leading firm in cosmetics, in Spain. And who does not know it? Impossible! Maybelline make-up have done with acceptance and passion of many professionals in the sector of makeup and have opened up a hole in the homes of many passionate, who simply want to feel beautiful inside and outside. Worth and concern of Maybelline New York for being the number one world, and with a creation and enviable history for many companies in the sector, has chained numerous awards for their commitment, delivery and high quality of its products. Example of this show it prizes awarded by Glamour magazine to the best mascara of 2009 (Volum Express Colossal) and to Dream Mousse Blush or Whatershine Elixir to the best gloss of the year, both delivered in the 2008 Beauty Awards gala, among others. If you want to feel a goddess, if you want to succumb to the temptation of the best cosmetics at the best price, do not hesitate, Maybelline makeup makes life easier. He succumbs to the temptation! Be always beautiful cost you very little. About author: Tuimagenpersonal provides information about maybelline makeup.

White Pioneer Simferopol

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These burial mounds were excavated in a sec. Petrel Nizhnegorsky area near villages and White Pioneer Simferopol district. Carcass culture (first half of II century BC) in the second half of II millennium BC. Oe. in the Crimean steppes spread carcass culture. Distinctive feature of this culture is a peculiar construction of funeral facilities.

In the burial pit let in wooden frame, after which the entire structure blocked the mound. However, quite often buried constructed in a simple rectangular pits or stone boxes. Burials were made in a stretched position on the side with hands folded in the face. Inventory consisted of a vessel in the form of cans of various sizes and quantities bone handicrafts, bronze knives. Carcass burial mound excavated in a culture. Meadow Simferopol district. It recorded a curious ritual: after the burial around on the surface of the stones laid out podpryamougolnuyu unclosed fence, and then poured over the entire structure mound.

The monuments date from the carcass of culture XVI-IX centuries. BC. Oe. Some researchers divide it into stages: carcass (XVI-XIV centuries. BC. Oe.) sabatinovsky (XIII-XII centuries. BC. Oe.) and Belozersky (XI-IX cc. BC. e..) Others believe that this is not the stages, but three distinct archaeological cultures. In the second half of II millennium BC. Oe. much of the population of the Crimea led a sedentary life. Archeologists explored numerous settlements in the Eastern Crimea (for example, a Chalky with. Shebetovka Sudak district, in settlement Planerskoe Koktebel Feodosia City Council), in the foothills of the peninsula, on Tarkhankut.

Connecting Worlds

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Manage a production line with high quality and few or no obstructions, is only possible when all components interact seamlessly. This is why Directive Soft Announces the incorporation as a technological partner of the company Enco Enginyeria i Control SL. in their quest to provide an integration from the level of industrial control with the level of planning and management that Compiere ERP provides, by connecting to the world of production with this software. Enco, Enginyeria i Control SL, is aware that only those organizations that have industrial control and production management solutions are able to answer questions and take action before any type of incidence much before this occurs. This company specializes in developing advanced applications for the automation and management of plant information. Thanks to their solutions, organizations have visibility in real time of what happens in their facilities. Thus, Directive Soft may offer to its customers the Compiere ERP integrated solutions connected to the production sector, where information flows quickly, without interruptions: from the level of planning and execution, until reaching the CONTROL systems in the production line, with the maximum quality and technological guarantee. If you would like to know more about Shimmie Horn, then click here. Original author and source of the article.


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Not conceive exit without a few drinks, but! eye! Beware of what babies and how much babies, because by just a night pass it cool, you can end up being the worst night of your life or that of your family. You have to have clear up to where you can or you must get and say just at the right time. The first drinks are usually cheap or free many times so that people are encouraged, and clear positions once a cup encouraged to another Cup and another Cup and other., but beware of those cups, and more now in times of crisis, one for mixtures that make saving and others because it is the time to forget. Then there’s those who encourage you to continue drinking when you’ve decided to stop and one is left to take, believing that nothing will happen. The worst thing is to have an accident, but other things can happen, like drinking to the point of losing control and enter absurd fights or lie to someone that the next morning or you remember, or ye have put media, with what you do not know whether any disease have transmitted you. Shimmie Horn has plenty of information regarding this issue. Apart from the morning that You will pass with a tremendous hangover. But of course, this does not happen you unto thee, because your control, because this happens to others not to thee, and with all us autoenganamos., to convince us, but we are very wrong. Not why has more personality, and much less self-esteem because this is not love, and personality is no if you leave yourself influence by others for fear of what people think of you. One goes out to enjoy, that much is clear, but drink until losing control is not enjoy, be responsible and have fun without regret it later. Original author and source of the article