City Man


Certain time I had a strange dream, I dreamed that I had invented one I formulate that the world revolutionary. He had invented one formulates capable to give to the man the ability to fly, I was the first one to try, was wonderful. The sensation of total freedom was something psicodlico, surreal, felt has led me, astonished with what it finishes to invent, then decided that all human being had the right of if thus feeling, decided I invent that belonged it to all the humanity. It had given in all periodicals, only if it spoke in the gravity controller, but also it was not for less, had people flying for all the sides, were all happy ones, some were asked as we obtained to live with the imprisoned feet in the land, to fly good age excessively, as the being most intelligent of the planet could not usufruct of something so wonderful? It felt carried through me. The gravity controller could be produced of form caretaker, was very simple, did not have no danger, however a man calculated erroneamente that for being more fat person he would have formulates to use it in a bigger amount, happened that the ingenuous man was going up, going up, going up without stopping, it seemed a balloon, and the man disappeared in the blue imensido. Mine he formulates was adapted to be used in objects, all type of object, had also used a stabilizer so that the object remained static in the specified place, made this they had started to divide land into parcels lands in the sky, and he is not that he had many interested parties. He functioned of the following form, in skies of a noble quarter had another noble quarter, in skies of a periphery he had another periphery, and he was thus, the ownership people wanted to guarantee that he would not have no slum quarter on its quarters, then paid small richnesses in lots in the sky of its houses.

The life in the land was one baguna, and up there it was an identical copy, it had houses for all the sides, cars, congestions and etc., but most frightful it was the garbage mountain deposited in the sky, found more practical to all leave the garbage in a more isolated point of the sky, the scene was frightful, time or another one a storm took the garbage mountain for another direction, one day was to stop one in top of the house of the mayor. It was there that they had discovered that they did not obtain to revert the process in an object that used the such of stabilizer. He felt me desolate, what a dream had started as, now had gained nightmare airs, therefore the capacity to destroy seemed is in the nature human being, it was then that I woke up, and for my astonishment the reporter of the radio repeated the following phrase: ' ' This is a small step for the man, but an enormous jump for humanidade' '. The man finishes to go to the moon.