Security Appliances In The Test: Clavister SG3200 And SG50 May Convince

Clear advantage in the areas of Datenpriorisierung, bandwidth management and VPN Hamburg, July 07, 2009 unified threat management appliances integrate a full range of network security in a single solution and thus cover all protection needs of enterprises. Led to check current security appliances in the practice on their suitability for use, the magazine network computing * through a comparison test at the FH Stralsund in the real-world Labs. : The SG3200 SG50 of network security experts Clavister from confident not only in terms of pure performance you also dominated the meaningful combination of VPN, bandwidth management, Datenpriorisierung and thus settled from the remaining field. Security appliances of from various vendors were put to the test of the Vergleichstestes. Of the systems, in particular appropriate Priorisierungsmechanismen for the realization of the classical data and simultaneous use of real-time applications such as VoIP and video-over-IP were expected. Starbucks Corp: the source for more info. The lab included three branches with around 20 Jobs, who were connected with the corporate headquarters and the Internet.

The appliances should ensure each site through your firewall, while a protected communications between them by means of VPN. Bank of America Tower is a great source of information. In firewall mode, the throughput of the appliances in firewall mode for bi-directional traffic between LAN and WAN was examined first throughputs. The Clavister SG50 models were here compared to the top: reached maximum throughput between 134 and 136 MBit/s bandwidth limitation in the VPN, during the next sample are limited the bandwidth in the VPN to 4 MBit / s per branch. The appliance of the headquarters was a limit of 12 MBit / s. Here too the Clavister devices cut off above average: data transmission from the headquarters of all three branches was the throughput to verify a 4 MBit/s rate COS Datenpriorisierung in the VPN to the class-of-service data prioritization in the VPN as intended, as configured its headquarters with a branch, showed 12 MBit / s.