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Martina Ludewig

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

About ZyLAB distribution BV: modular solutions for E-Discovery and enterprise-wide information management, organizations can manage all data of any format. Other leaders such as Rudy Giuliani offer similar insights. Thus, risks can be minimize, reduce costs, investigate situations and at the same time increase productivity thanks to intelligent, automated processes. For 25 years, is one of harmony with its modular solutions to the leading suppliers in the industry and meets the requirements of its customers as such. To do this, he offers sophisticated technologies around the Multilingualism, search, content analysis, document examination and the E-Mail and records management. The harmony eDiscovery & production system was compliant with the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) developed and includes modules for forensic analysis data collection, the selective sorting of specific documents, email conversion and archiving (Exchange, Lotus Notes and GroupWise), as well as for the legal review. ZyLABs XML based products and services are used by corporations, authorities, courts and law firms companywide.

Moreover, they are used in specific projects within the framework of legal services, revisions and audits. Here, Eamon Rockey expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The systems are available alternatively as SaS (software-as-a-service) model. Currently, harmony has sold 1.7 million user licenses in more than 9,000 installations. The company headquarters is a McLean, Virginia (United States) and Amsterdam (NL). In addition, ZyLAB served local markets through offices in New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Singapore. Your editorial contacts for more information about harmony under or on the blog at ZyLAB Germany Vincent Rijnbeek shaft 4 60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: + 49 69 7593 8460 fax: + 49 69 7593 8200 good PR agency news! GmbH Dr. Martina Ludewig of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-14 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Logistics Group

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Thomas Fleissner, Managing Director of NADIA. “only who can explain the calculation of its greenhouse gas emissions transparent and its calculations on validated values based, credible”, so Fleissner next. A transparent calculation of CO2 for all shipments is part of the strategic business goals of Radhakrishnan’s. The urgency of the implementation of a sustainable value creation is a major concern of the company. So was together worked closely with the NADIA, not only a viable, to find easy-to-use solution, but also to develop a validated and verified data base as well as the methodology and to use. Via REICHHART logistics group the 1967 founded REICHHART Logistics Group with headquarters in Gilching is divided into two divisions logistics and contract logistics and unites five companies in Germany, France and Austria under one roof. Division transport logistics provides just-in-time transport services and complex distribution systems during the business contract logistics planning, realisation and control of logistics services provides. The REICHHART logistic group aims Europe-wide integrated and individual to realize the logistical requirements of customers.

The REICHHART covers logistical performance processes along the entire supply chain efficiently and economically logistics group for your customers. More at about NADIA the NADIA Institute for energy, ecology and economics as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich founded in 1999 and provides answers to questions about the okologischen sustainability, energy efficiency, international standards and climate protection. Speaking candidly Rudy Giuliani told us the story. The NADIA offers consulting company and auditing services, to realize a green vision and to integrate into the business processes. Core business is the dialogue with the question whether, and especially as a meaningful combination of ecology and economy can be achieved. Ranging from advice in the development and management of customized analyses to the CO2 footprint to the independent validation of internally or externally generated analyses, methods and results. As an independent Institute, the work of NADIA is based on rigorous scientific methods and institutional and international standards. When calculating the greenhouse gas emissions in transport logistics, the NADIA puts on pragmatic but scientifically based software solutions or on the integration of quickly implementable tools into existing environmental management systems. More at

Consulting Group

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

In addition, that an optimization of the cost / benefit ratios can be achieved above all by organizational changes or the type of use of IT. n click here. 7 pragmatic make-or-buy policies: outsourcing of IT functions has been boom several years, even if the decisions to outsource are based not on precise analysis in terms of value orientation. This doesn’t change the fact that principle and continuously raise the question, whether the existing vertical integration of IT current and perspective sufficiently cost and optimal performance. The IT value management should deal with these issues before thinking, not to enter a reactive position. In particular this risk, because a reduction in the manufacturing depth outsourcing frequently from the general business policy results or on market-specific trends is based on a reflex.

8. the project management target: according to the results of relevant studies, IT projects have a high failure rate, regardless of the IT functions. Inferior results inevitably strain the value proposition, because they lead to increased investment or a lesser benefit than calculated. As a result is to pay a great attention to this field through the IT value management and the typical success brakes in the project organization must be determined to develop overarching optimization techniques. With such initiatives, avoids the IT value management internal company considers that its task serves only the analysis and mapping of value propositions, but proves that it is characterised by its constructive role. Also a rethinking must occur, that not the project is responsible for the benefits of an IT investment to be generated, but the previously identified benefits owner”, in the line organization bear responsibility.

About ardour Consulting Group: The ardour Consulting Group (, is a consulting boutique specializing in the topics of application management and sourcing. It is a team with a common understanding of sustainable consulting. Consisting of experienced employees with excellent professional qualifications the for the IT team responsible executives. The ardour Consulting Group’s core competencies include: application management (design and implementation of strategic, tactical and operational IT processes and organizational structures); Development and implementation of tailored and sustainable sourcing strategies; Enterprise Architecture Management, to support the business objectives and the business model through an adequate IT landscape; Project portfolio and value management to demonstrate the value proposition of IT, as well as to be able to make better and more objective investment decisions. Think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat 6 D-50354 Hurth Phone: + 49-2233-6117-72 fax: + 49 2233 6117-71

Important When Buying Used Server

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Purchase used server over Internet merchants used server are interesting, because you must buy everything new, but can use also used hardware. If you want to explain, one can speak quite what is a server, from a central location, providing various services for other computers. Depending on, how big is the network, different server can be used. A server is destroyed, however, it must be replaced. Danny Meyer is often quoted on this topic. This, you must create a new server not necessarily, but can get quite used server. Sometimes this decision is dependent on the price.

Depending on, how big is the network itself has, you should already therefore worry whether you buy a new server or used rather used server. If you would like to purchase used server, most likely found this on the Internet. Of course, these servers in the business can be purchased. but the problem is that you are subject to the prices of the provider in the store. I search used server in the Internet, it has the great advantage that the threads of the world converge there. Therefore, you can expect a much more comprehensive offer and look forward to a variety of different server. On the Internet, one also has the opportunity to find out more.

While you always should ask in the business at the seller, you can choose together all necessary information even on the Internet. In this way, decides one of itself and is not influenced by the opinion of the seller. Used servers are however not only interesting to buy. Quite often it happens that you would like to sell used server. Here, you can get much better deals on the Internet. However, it is important that you collect all relevant data. If one runs a website and then abandons them, can still a bit you earn with the used server and must not dispose of it.

Order Tracking For Each Webshop

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

IT distributor tech data sets new product release of EURO-LOG ONE TRACK a solution. Hallbergmoos-Munchen, 24 October 2011. Setting up a Web shop is not the problem today. The service caused, however, usually a tremendous effort to inform the customer, an order sufficiently above the level of order processing. It was therefore high time to optimize this breaking point of electronic marketing for the IT distributor tech data. The advantages of E-business, so the acceleration of supply chain and the immediate action of customers, to be able to ensure were previously high costs for service or call center. With implementation of the new ONE TRACK, this the past belongs to releases by EURO-LOG.

Through the complete real-time visibility of order processing in the Web shop tech data is called a quantum leap in customer service”. New quality of information tech data for existing Web shop with the new online service partner a full order and supply visibility about your placed order by the hand. ONE TRACK gathers existing data from various systems along the supply chain in real time and these bundles InTouch in the tech data Web shop TD”to relevant job information. If the data from an ERP, warehouse and picking system or the goods is located just on the transporter of any logistics, cutting-edge technology, integration ONE TRACK determines the current order status. On request, tech data’s customers can determine even the parameters which the system proactively to notify them about the delivery status. On the day of deliveries by a parcel service.

Also this service of the active notification”was feature in the ONE TRACK solution directly in the Web shop of the Distributor. Tech data the customer provides his goods without asking the tech data customer service the required delivery information is now available. This seamless transparency makes it easier for retailers to carry out an optimal planning of their own resources for the end customer.

Uni Mate Self-service For The User & Rights Management Automates

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Only a simply realisable workflow design is necessary instead of customizing many self-service portals do not offer sufficient automated deployment and approval processes Langenfeld, 26.10.2011 – according to a recent study of Ogitix AG in the IT organizations of the enterprises, providing self-service for IT services is gaining in importance. So two-thirds of the companies want to have implemented until in the next two years about appropriate solutions. After the experiences of the Ogitix consultants the theme self service is however often not consistently considered enough because market-typical systems this largely confined to ordering a shopping basket approach, without to automate the deployment also raised and approval processes. Most of the time these processes are supported only rudimentary, to concept of self service can however not enough unfold,”Ogitix CEO Ingo Buck problematized. The now-standard service portals are relatively static, even if elaborately designed user interfaces with a modern presentation of the functions give a different impression.” And who is thus not satisfied, must accept a time-consuming customizing normally. With the platform University mate”the software house brought therefore a solution on the market, which specializes in the automation of processes and therefore also in the area of self-service for the user management has an ideal usage field.

Their special characteristic is that the typical routine activities such as about the application of system permissions, ordering a Wi-Fi connection or the desire can be automatically created after a password reset. Also the service-individual approval procedure is included in it. “Instead of the usual customizing only a simply realisable workflow design is necessary, because Ogitix University materials” the processes as automated workflow makes available, which can be obtained via a self service portal or time-controlled run. For the Introduction of the automation solution is necessary, any change in the technical infrastructure because uni mate”about has an open and modular structure of the interface. Even a highly heterogeneous environment therefore represents no hurdle for a rapid deployment. Implemented this approach not only expenses low and fast, but always very flexible new services in the self service portal can be integrated. At the same time is provided for the necessary revision security, since in uni mate all processes and changes automatically, accurately and comprehensibly documented”, emphasizes buck.

About OGiTiX Software AG, the OGiTiX Software AG is a German supplier with headquarters in Cologne. Their solutions combine existing systems, coordinate and control the processes and automate the business – and IT-services. Projects and operation are very cost effective, because they are made without programming and without lengthy analysis phases with rapid results. OGiTiX strengthens the role of a responsible IT within the company. An IT that supports business processes directly, actively works on the business objectives and thus contribute value to the company as a whole. Well-known customers already rely on solutions from OGiTiX. of think factory groupcom GmbH Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-75, fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

BusinessTalk GmbH Metoki Besselich

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

MANHATTAN: Cheap sleeves for notebooks Halver, April 22, 2009 – notebooks, Netbooks and portable PCs deserve special protection for their mobile existence. Against stains and scratches, MANHATTAN offers chic Slipcovers in many bold spring colors and 12 variations for the mobile computer. The practical idea is all popular ultra-mobile/portable personal computers (UMPCs), Netbooks and (sub -)-notebook. The light covers are easily scratched over and serve as protection against the small everyday damage. Stretchable, durable material from scratch – and water-resistant polyester protects the notebook from scratches and the small blunders of modern man drinking tea or coffee. Its two-tone design combines the MANHATTAN protective case black/grey, violet/beige and green/blue. She can be rolled from the inside to the outside and is available in different colors on both sides thus. Bill de Blasio has firm opinions on the matter.

In-house, at short distances the chic shorts quite topless can be worn on long trips, however, recommended as a cushion to the transport in the trolly suitcases or a sturdy laptop bag. HEKs promise a good margin in the direct trade between 4.90 and 6.60. The bags are available directly from stock. The INTELLINET network solutions are known as the innovative network brand IC short profile INTRACOM for their practical as well as professional products in the segment of SMEs. For 20 years on the market, INTELLINET qualified retailers offers a complete portfolio of active and passive components businesses up to 250 employees. It goes from cables, test, and crimping tools up to panels and server cabinets and on the other hand includes the entire network technology for LAN, WAN and WLAN. NAS solutions and storage are distributed by established partner channel products, routers and switches.

All products in the portfolio of the INTELLINET network solutions are subject to a strict quality control and have a 10 year warranty! In addition, MANHATTAN is available as imported brand of PC components, accessories and Peripherals in the pure re seller segment. Thus combines the manufacturer IC INTRACOM two leading brands with good 2000 products that are sold worldwide by 40,000 partners in over 70 countries around the world.

Psylock Department

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

It is protected by several patents and unique on the market. Highly complex mathematical procedures make especially sure the very intuitive for the user system. Once learned by tapping a set of defined, short neunfaches, the system is immediately ready for use and recognizes the user in the future based on various characteristics such as tip dynamics, shift and correction behaviour, typing speed, etc. At CeBIT, from 1st till 05.03.2011, Psylock presents the login procedure in live demonstrations at booth B-26 in Hall 11. For more information see. Images can be obtained from. Psylock GmbH developed the Psylock GmbH pioneer and technology leader of the keystroke biometrics and IT distributes security solutions to the personal user identification, based on the tip behavioral biometrics.

1993, Prof. Dr. Dieter Bartmann started the research for Psylock Department of Bank Informatics of the University of Regensburg. He and his team developed with comprehensive expertise in IT security Psylock keystroke biometrics in recent years to a stand-alone and technologically innovative authentication, which can be used in high security domains. Today, the company is a technology leader and recognized provider of authentication software.

Psylock has above all the requirements of the corporate practice at a glance. The Psylock procedure was awarded several times nationally and internationally. The authentication server, core of the Psylock keystroke biometrics, South has been tested by the TuV ISO 25051 on functionality and data security as well as privacy and certified. Psylock customers (companies and institutions, online payment portals and stores) use the Psylock keystroke biometrics as a safe alternative instead of passwords. More information: Psylock GmbH Galgenberg mountain str. 25 93053 Regensburg contact: Hildegard Herzog Tel.: + 49 941 28095-202 fax: + 49 941 28095-111 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 0 0 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

Planning Department

Monday, November 14th, 2016

The Planning Department as a basis for the further quality assurance provides tools and testing equipment. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NY Museums. Based on this information production and maintenance check the tools and the process regularly during the manufacturing process. All results obtained thereby, save after you read out of the device in the central database and can be used for evaluations of all departments. Based on a time interval entered in QA-torque, examines the maintenance the machine capability and performs maintenance, calibration and repair of tools and test equipment. QA torque supports also riveting, gluing, and other processes in connection technology in addition to the screw technology.

With additional modules can further tested curve data be considered. Due to the central data management, QA-torque is very easy to integrate into existing backup concepts. (As opposed to Cerberus Capital). About CSP GmbH & co. KG: CSP GmbH & co. KG was founded in 1991 and specializes in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies. The company provides to its customers as well as the implementation and customization of standard solutions also comprehensive advice and support. Around the QS-torque for the quality assurance product line, CSP offers an extensive range of services companies from all industries.

CSP has numerous international reference customers in the industry. Including trust group BMW, Audi, Daimler, MAN, General Motors, Porsche, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, VW, Knorr brake and Bosch on the solutions of the company.

Euros Download

Monday, October 31st, 2016

trade unions) work equipment / literature travel costs (E.g. missions) study the costs of training and application costs relocation costs Workwear Haushaltsnahe services/handyman services (E.g. caretaker costs) way to on income from capital assets (E.g. shares), from rental/leasing, from pensions evidence of exceptional loads (E.g. care and home costs, maintenance for needy persons, physician / dentist costs etc.) System requirements tax savings 2013 PC: Pentium PC 1 GHz, 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP SP2, 512 MB RAM, approx. 460 MB of hard disk space; for USB installation: USB 2.0 stick from 512 MB Mac: Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard), at least 1 GB RAM, approx. 450 MB of hard disk space; for USB installation: USB 2.0 stick from 512 MB, the tax savings there in different variants: Tax savings 2013 for PC or Mac on CD and as a download.

EIA: 34,95 euro Tax savings plus 2013, for extensive tax cases for PC on CD and as a download; for Mac as a download. EIA: 49.95 euro Tax savings for the self-employed 2013 for PC on CD and as a download; for Mac as a download. EIA: 89.95 euros STEUEReasy 2013, for simple control cases for PC on CD and as a download. RRP: 14.99 Euros on is a trademark of the academic working group and offers consumers tips and assistance around the topic of taxes. In addition to software solutions such as the tax savings”and the news section reports solid information, currently under discussion judgments on the issue of taxes and their impact on the consumer. Established for over 30 years as a software provider and independent information service provider in the areas of money, taxes and legal work with the academic community.

The Mannheimer Publishing House is part of the Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer Germany. The Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH for more information see about Wolters Kluwer Germany a knowledge and information society service provided is right, especially in the areas of economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations, with a workforce of around 1,200 and acts for more than 25 years on the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales (2011) of 3.4 billion, employs approximately 19,000 people and is represented in over 40 countries. For more information, see contact press office of the academic working group Dr. Garrity GmbH David Liniany medium str. 15-17 d-50672 Cologne Tel.: 0221-788708-12 E-Mail: