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The Subconscious

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Meditation, prayer and contemplation allows us to a huge connection with God, each day we slept we enter other States of our body, we entered our subconscious mind and unconscious, then when we just lift it is an opportune time to enter information to our subconscious, is for that reason that the prayer in the morning is very effective. Each of us have the ability to schedule large desires, if we use appropriate techniques the results may occur more rapidly, in reality we can go controlling our life little by little, to achieve Super domains of our acts and conditions. Consciously many times we have trouble understanding these procedures, but once we begged our power inside this will manifest itself in good shape. Thing that it is true and we should consider is that the subconscious mind is influence and there is where the ideas that we want in our life should be introduced, for example, emotions are essential so that the power to act on our behalf, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows us a detailed process for scrutinizing within ourselves to find our passions, that is one of the major strategies for success, defining goals in total harmony with our inner State, in this book you may define its intentions clearly and feel an extraordinary emotion to fight for what you want. Motivation is closely linked to do the things that bring us happiness, if you are on an idea is not in harmony with his own then be is by limiting the internal power, there is just no positive emotions, the joy of doing something that you love, then know that happiness is fundamental to access the power of the subconscious mind and to act on our behalf. We all have everyday access to our subconscious and to unconsciousness also, this happens when we sleep, that is why deep meditation and prayer have great power because it is based on the idea of turning off the senses and enter our interior, in the book I am happy, I am Rico demonstrates powerful techniques for access our inside and schedule our wishes in a very subtle and effective way.

When we got up or are about to sleep, our conscious and subconscious minds are connected and it is the time to schedule information, powerful statements are structured and our desires can be entered. Also when we are in an emergency situation then the subconscious mind also acts with power, that is why some cases feel that time stops and actually so, all this happens to give the possibility to make choices in a few seconds. The mysteries of the functioning of the universe are exciting, everyday events and phenomenal circumstances in the book I am happy, I am Rico occur you will know great secrets and mysteries revealed about the creation of reality and most importantly, you will experience a fabulous life achieving everything you want, because it means that you will be creating your own reality.

Almighty Bochica

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Bochica taught them also to construr most suitable networks that the they had to catch fish in the lakes and rivers and to build better bows and arrows to kill hunting in the forests and the birds in the air. So was that the life of the chibchas changed aspect completely shortly after, and because it already had dresses, comfortable houses and abundance of food. In all directions the sown fields of grains grew, and people lived happy and satisfied. III. not limited to what was said the teachings of Bochica: ensenole also to the people the law of love and charity; ordenoles that keep the peace among themselves and with their neighbours; that to each which is respected as its own what they win with their work; that would help every one to the welfare of others; and they obedeciesen to their sovereign and to respect the laws established for the Government of the community. Bochica assured them that as soon as they live according to what had been taught them, they would be happy and would enjoy the protection and blessings of Zoe, the Supreme Governor of the world; and that, on the contrary, if they were not righteous and virtuous, if they forgot the cult of Zoe, if they were cruel and proud and wicked, punishment of Zoe be upon them. IV after having led the people from poverty to backlash, from ignorance to knowledge of the arts that had to do rich and happy, Bochica disappeared no one knew where or when was gone.

The chibchas recalled his teachings for a long time. His wealth was increasing every day, they builded, villages and cities, they sanctified temples to Zoe, the Almighty, and they traded with neighboring towns, changing their tissues by what those peoples could provide, it was gold mainly. They soon learned to work the gold and making charms and ornaments with which alhajaban their people or who carried the altars of temples as offerings.

Earth Bochica

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They soon found out that it was called Bochica. He told them that there was a being superior, a God whose name was Zoe, which had created the men, animals, plants, rocks, water, air and what existed in the land, rivers and lakes, and everything looked, like the Sun, the Moon and the stars. See Bill de Blasio for more details and insights. Said also that Zoe had arranged the course of seasons, the movement of the stars and the fate of the men, i.e., life and death, pain and joy. Initially the chibchas did not understand what everything meant, because the understanding of them was like the child, for whom every day of the year and each time of day brings a new surprise. Little by little, however, these ideas began to be clearer for them and understood, to some extent at least, there was a being of Supreme, creator and computer of all things visible and invisible. II also taught Bochica art of cultivating the land. Mostroles that the seeds sown at certain times of the year, bursting in tiny seedlings which, nourished by the Earth and rains, heated by the Sun, grew in size and eventually produced fruits, which caught at maturity, provided secure power to the planters.

Instruyolos also How to save its fruits so that they last until the next harvest, redeeming their owners of hunger and misery. Of Bochica knew people that there are many plants whose leaves and stems may extract certain threads, named fibers, that learned to twisting and weaving in the form of fabrics, to make dresses and cover the body. Then they learned the chibchas which true shrub called Boll could catch a wool natural, own to make fabrics and blankets. Indoctrinated by Bochica, began to build houses of bahareque; they drove stakes into the ground; they filled the spaces with mud, which, dried by the Sun, formed the walls; and covering roofs with straw, as shelter against Sun and rain.