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North America

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

The direction of the settling was to produce the products to complement the economy of the metropolis, in this way, different of what it occurred in the North America, that has a tempering climate e, therefore cannot produce the products tropical that lacked in the ground European, central America and South America with the tropical climate had produced what it lacked in the European economy, complementing the economy of the last one. The tripod under which the economy if supports (large state, slavery and the cultivation) generated consequences ‘ ‘ nefastas’ ‘ as, for example, not to value the free work, it lacks of a domestic market, dependence of the economy metropolitan, and as much other problems, as the social and economic inaquality, gifts until today in our country. Different natural conditions of its territory of origin, where ‘ ‘ the great majority of the colonists was thus in the tropics convicted to a position low-level dependent and ‘ ‘ . Other leaders such as Danny Meyer offer similar insights. Differently, in the United States the system of Colony of Povoamento prevailed, where religious groups that tried to run away from the wars of religion in the Europe, had been for America in order to work and to live, with the intention of I reconstructed the home I insult, ambitions that, in contrast of what they had occurred in tropical and subtropical America, it does not have direct relation with the desire of dealers or adventurers. These colonists had developed in this region the subsistence agriculture, since this region did not offer begins it nothing that was important to complement the European economy. Portuguese America was, in the words of Maria Tavares de Almeida ‘ ‘ antiurbana’ ‘ , what it favored the dispersion of the population for all territory, concentrating the urban life in the coast, the headquarters of the captainships, the mercantile villages and later in the zones of mining, being therefore only ‘ ‘ semeadores’ ‘.. Doug Band is a great source of information.

Campinarana City

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

In the territorial divisions of 1936 and 1937, Crossroads were formed for the district headquarters and of Macarani, Campinas and Brook of the Jump. Em1943, asede of the city was transferred to the Village of Macarani, then raised to the category of city, and the city of Crossroads was transformed into village of this new city. Only in 1952, through the state law n 511 of 12 of December, the city was restored breaking up itself of Macarani. The new city was constituted of the headquarters and the districts of New Brasilia and Campinarana. The city of Brook of the Plaza, desmembrado of the city of Crossroads, was created in 03 of March of 1989 for State law n 4850, published in Official gazette of 04 of March of 1989. The headquarters were raised to the category of city, when it created the city.

After the emancipation politics, in the first lawsuit, Mr. Click Teneo, New York to learn more. Pablo de Almeida Light was elect mayor of the city together with the nine councilmen who had composed the City council. Legally, the city belongs to the Judicial district of Crossroads. For not yet having a Parish, it is religiously, subordinated to the one of Crossroads. The majority of the population is catholic and the Padroeiro Saint of the city is Joo Baptist, commemorated annually in 24 of June.

However, the great religious party of the city is not mentioned to the party of the padroeiro, but to ' ' Pilgrimage to the Hollow of Pedro' ' , carried through in 29 of June. The pilgrimage is a tradition that is kept since year of 1925, when the fact happened that gave to origin to the peregrinations to the hollow of the cattle tender Peter. The memory of the city registered and has reproduced the events that had involved the murder of a cattle tender known for Peter de Ana Rita.

Release History Of Electricity

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Our world is unimaginable without electricity. Learn more about this with Bill de Blasio. Everything that we use in everyday life, as a rule, electric, or gradually becoming one – vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, computers and televisions. All their discoveries concerning electricity and electric shock associated with the end of the eighteenth century. Curiously, the first experiments and discoveries in the field of electricity were observed in all corners of the globe. Some discoveries have been very helpful, but some – no, and got lost among the rest. Because of the small department of physics electricity has become an independent science, which, as we know, scientists are not waiting for a little fun and useful discoveries. Also there were many opponents of electricity. Initially, people were afraid of the electric current and believed it a manifestation of "power of the devil." Back in 1879 an American scientist has led Edison in his laboratory about three thousand men, and showed it's a miracle.

He showed them a few hundred light bulbs burning. After that, the light bulb and electricity have begun their march across the planet, eclipsing a flammable kerosene lamps. Teneo understands that this is vital information. A very well produce electricity called station. Power plant is the company that produces electrical energy. All power plants are divided according to a source of energy – nuclear power stations (which receive energy result of nuclear reactions in the reactor), thermal (fossil fuel use), hydroelectricity (use the energy of falling water, tides), wind (wind power) and solar (solar use energy). The most convenient and comfortable heat, solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

There are also other, more exotic sources of energy, used rarely, usually because of their high cost. In addition, all mankind will come up with new sources of electrical energy. Moreover, even the electricity to become more mobile, which serve as mobile power generators. Their scope is very wide – Industry, construction, army, police, emergency, and for public power supply and medical facilities. Modern generators are fairly economical, low noise, and give the output sufficient power. Generators are often used in everyday life. Typically, this compact and compact generators, which are called "Honda". In such cases, the inclusion of an electric current in the right connected by a qualified electrician can simply turn the switch. When buying it is particularly important to calculate the best option. Now, if in some distant corner of the planet's accident occurred, rather bring a generator that can power the house or even a village, depending on capacity. So now it seems surprising that in the late 19th century, a burning light bulb seemed a miracle.

In Rio De Janeiro

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

After the Second War, a group of families who had arrived in Santa Catarina in 1930, had been fixed in Bag, between 1949 and 1951, locking in there the German migration. In 23 of August of 1825, it was organized movement of national release of Uruguay and its annexation to the Argentine provinces, against the agrarian politics for the great proprietors of Montevidu and of Brazil. In day 25, in the Congress of Flowery, the independence of the territory was declared, to join it the Joined Provinces of the River of the Silver, under the approval of the government of Buenos Aires. In Rio De Janeiro, Filipe ambassador Leopoldo Wenzel, Baron of Mareschal, of Austria, considered the British intervention in search of the peace. In 12 of October of 1825, Blessed Gonalves Da Silva, with 37 years, commanded the cavalry in the battle of Sarandi against the Joined Provinces, and the Brazilian consulate was attacked in Buenos Aires in day 29. In 7 of April of 1831, nine years after Independence, D.

Peter I abdicated of the Imperial Crown of Brazil for the son five year Peter de Alcntara Joo Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Francisco Xavier de Paula Leocdio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga, returned for Portugal leaving the guardianship with Jose Bonifcio de Andrada Hisses up to 1833 and with Manuel Incio de Andrade Bigger Souto, marquis of Itanham, up to 1840. Acclaimed according to emperor of Brazil to the six years, it assumed the throne in 18 of June of 1841, when it counted fifteen years, with the heading of D. Peter II. Approached for the masonry in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, in 1832, Blessed colonel Gonalves Da Silva much friend of Juan Antonio woollen Lavalleja y Tower, supplied military aid with the ammunition, weapons, provisions and men, in the combat to the government of Jose Fructuoso Rivera, which took to the knowledge of Manuel de Almeida Vasconcelos, person in charge business-oriented of the Empire of Brazil, in Montevidu.


Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Our world in the xx century suffered many changes, which inherently have been unprecedented in human history. During this period, humanity has become more democratic. Significantly increased the level of life and its duration. Man has become more free in their choice. Changes affected the political structure of many states. Monarchies become a republic.

It is in the xx century history becomes global in nature. This is one of the main properties recent history. First and important step in this was the first World War I (1914-1918) It was the result of the industrial revolution, which is reflected on the crisis of industrial European countries. This war has created the preconditions for birth of a new conflict – World War ii. The latter, in turn, set the stage for the Cold War – of the famous confrontation the United States and the Soviet Union. All these conflicts have acquired a global character to mankind. All of them are reflected in the historical chronicles.

On the other hand, world war became a great incentive for the creation and improvement of new weapons, which resulted in the emergence of weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons. Military conflicts to create a sense of constant danger that resulted in the invention of various related subjects. The speed improvement and scientific discoveries were simply phenomenal. The man, who had just "Yesterday", was the first aircraft could easily live up to the first flights into space and landing Americans on the moon. Do not forget that the consequences of military conflict in the xx century was the most bloody. There has never been such plots, when dying would be so many people. In this case, most of them – were civilians, killed by constant bombing and artillery strikes. Also, xx century took first place in the scale and ferocity ethnic and social conflicts. The past century has put mankind in a dead end. It was incredibly powerful, but on the other hand unable to use this power for good deeds. xx century was in the past. Many of its lessons to has not yet been learned by humanity. We tried to ignore the historical experience, ignore it and as history shows, then dearly pay for it.

History Of Troy: The Trojan War: The Gesta De Odysseus And His Achaeans

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Although covered with a mystical aura undeniable, and ancient historians approach an absolute fiction, there is no denying the enormous importance of the history of this war and its narrator, Homer, (who also questioned his existence) had for Greco -Latin antiquity and Western culture in general. The Trojan War, probably carried out between the twelfth and thirteenth century BC, was the contest between the people of Troy (now Turkey) and the Achaean people (now Greece). Magical, mysterious, intense, brutal, 10 years after that legendary war served to the troops of Odysseus (Ulysses in The Odyssey) gave the death blow to Troy and by extension, the Mycenaean culture. Easily inequalities reflecting the facts of reality to fiction. Zeus, chief god of the Greek Olympus, just overthrowing Cronos (the lord of time) and emerged as the king of the habitat of the Gods, will now be responsible for monitoring the actions of men. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bill de Blasio. However, the start of its mandate is obscured by a I dread prophecy: God will be born soon as he was with Cronos, I depart the throne.

His future perpetrator apparently born from the womb of Tethys, beautiful sea nymph. Zeus, change your mood for doom, tells the goddess marry a mortal King of the Myrmidons Peleus. Their son, Achilles, half god, is suddenly popular because of its incredible strength and warrior skills. But fate also contrary to the child announces semi-God: An oracle predicts he will die trying to conquer the city that will host a new war: Troy.

Russian Archaeology

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Dmitri Bykov. The fact is that a myth – God be with him if he would only unscientific. Myth always immoralen. If you are not convinced, visit Rudy Giuliani. Immoralna particularly archaic. There is no concept of good and evil, there is the concept of magic, which by some manipulation, available only to the initiated, can not afford to make a miracle. Myth is out of moral judgments. And this, unfortunately, linked with the imperial sovereign plagues Russian patriotism. Filed under: NY Restaurateur. Prokhanov.

… You think that morale came with the adoption of Christianity? What clearing drevlyans, Krivichi to the adoption of Christianity were the villains? Dmitri Bykov. No, they were not far from the wicked, but in any case, a clear understanding of the concept of good and evil brought Christianity. Let us turn to the question to the creators of transmission: why a good half of the precious air time is given to hysterical demagoguery, called for some reason, the scientific dispute? Do not be invited to participate in discussions more informed, even hostile, opponent? And why did the creators of television programs are broadcast throughout the country, lack of elementary cycles to not engage in shameful teleklounadu decent man, an aging scientist who made the discovery of world importance? Instead of conclusion It is sad that one of the mysterious and interesting pages of ancient history gets a huge number of unscrupulous and enterprising people value a cash cow. Even more depressing by the fact that provocation, which in all times been considered unworthy deed, in the XXI century have had such success.

Perhaps the only positive aspect of the program, “Gordon Quixote” was what she involuntarily drew some viewers to a sad reflection: why in our miserable, barely had time to begin a century unprincipled, moral corruption, hysterical aggression are in great reverence? Why intelligence, dignity, and intelligence remain in the shadows? Alas, these questions are no simple answers. But there is no doubt that Arch needs no notoriety, no advertising, no ugly buzz that accompanies it in recent years. This amazing archaeological site outlive their judges. The grandeur of ancient history persist even when the “cease and prophecy, and tongues will cease, and knowledge away with. Hopefully, sooner or later humanity will be able to escape from the snares of false spirituality and lifeless.

Byzantine Empire

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

According to secular and church historians, during the brief reign Theodora had been executed at least one hundred thousand Paulicians. Likewise, until the time of the Romanov dynasty had no tolerance and nonviolent in Russia, although Orthodoxy was already (enough to remember an internecine power struggle of the Russian princes with the assistance of the Tatars, or Vikings, sections of land between family members that is essentially permanent citizenship war, if I may say so). That is, in the opinion of the author of this article is not quite correct to speak of more or less violent and intolerance in the history of Christianity and Catholicism. Less violent manner connected rather with the historical factors, such as the completion of the formation of the state and the relative social peace in the country, when there is no constant need of someone to fight. Instead of talking about more or less violent, would be wiser to speak of greater or lesser activity, ie activity of people (and consider the relationship of activity with the concept of humility). But there is reason for inaction and passivity in Russia (since the formation of a centralized state) and the relative passivity of the Byzantine Empire in religion? Against the backdrop of tumultuous European history full constant struggle, the history of Byzantium is less eventful (although it certainly remains the fight of Byzantium with external enemies and internal power struggles), and Russian history is even poorer, says P. Chaadayev: Pora overflowing activities, ebullient game of moral forces of the people – nothing like we had.

Emotional Manipulation

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

This is easy to see in asylums, orphanages and includes the families in which there is little attention to any of its members, even by the physical or emotional absence of one of the parents or children. 2. Psychological harassment. It is the form of violence that is exercised with a strategy, a methodology and a goal to achieve the moral destruction of the victim. Psychologically harass a person is pursuing it with criticism, threats, insults, slander and actions that put a fence to the activity of that person, undermining their self-esteem and introducing malaise, concern, anxiety, extreme uncertainty, doubt and guilt in his mind. In these cases there is an emotional element that drives the behavior of dependence in which the harasser depends emotionally on his victim, to the point of making life impossible. Harass thus deprives the victim of their privacy, tranquility and the time required for carry out their activities, since the stalker cuts the constantly with their inconvenient and burdensome demands. If the victim refuses to undergo this form of harassment, sometimes complains the executioner, he cries, despairs, implores, threatens to withdraw affection or to commit silly and adds the emotional blackmail to the strategy of harassment.

3. Mental manipulation. It is the form of violence that the value of the victim as a human being with regard to their freedom and autonomy, the right to make own decisions about their lives and their values unknown. The mental manipulation can understand the emotional blackmail. The tactics included threats and criticism that generate fear, guilt or shame, aimed at mobilizing the victim in the direction that you want to the manipulator.

Other forms of psychological violence are so subtle and elaborate that they conceal and hide among the fibers of the social fabric. A form of aggression of this type is which many aggressors exert disguising protection, good intentions and attentions, as which he exercised the overprotective about their protected people. conclusions in short, psychological laviolencia should be avoided, is a form of abuse. Unlike physical abuse, this is subtle and harder to perceive or detect. It manifests itself through hurtful words, disqualifications, humiliation, shouts and insults.If you depreciated, is ignored and frightens a person through attitudes or words, we are talking about abuse or violence Psicologicay there is this type of violence in passively when the individual, since childhood, does not receive love and protection necessary for their age by their parents or tutores.Como consequences of this type of abuse and any other looks diminished self-esteem of the person and affects the emotional development. These mistreatments, in the majority of cases, lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol, including crime.

Aboriginal Groups

Friday, December 9th, 2016

' ' The Chiquitano people was constituted from an amalgam of aldeados aboriginal groups in century XVII by the jesuticas missions. Inhabitants of the region of border between Brazil and Bolivia, had been compulsively involved in conflicts politicians and decurrent cultural differences of a territorial division that respeito.&#039 did not say to them; '. According to Canclini, it is not the fact of this people to be constituted of this amalgam of aboriginal groups that we will be able to take off the conclusion of that this people lived a hibridao process, as we can previously see the process of hibridao if of the one in practical social discrete p.XXII, the phenomenon caused for this Canclini amalgam calls mestization. It will not be the fact of inside botar 25 or 42 (as some they say) aboriginal groups of one ' ' liquidificador' ' to beat until everything if mixes, that will be able to say that had such process and, if a hibridao process together with appears the concept of globalization (concept contemporary), we can take off the conclusion of that it stops having hibridao we have that to be contextualizado with the globalization concept. Without generalizations, from the decade of 80, the indigenista movement if fortified substantially, with it the identitrio movement, to the step that start to also appear teses anti-identitarias; the proper Canclini says: ' ' The emphasis in the hibridao enclausura only the pretension not to establish identities? pure? or? you legalize. Moreover, it puts in evidence the risk to delimit autocontidas local identities or that they try to affirm as radically opposing the national society or to the globalization.

p. XXIII' '. In the case of this phenomenon called hibridao process of the Chiquitano people, we can notice nowadays and in its daily several practical social discrete, as we will designate: ) the case of the Chicha (Cauim: it is a traditional alcoholic beverage of the aboriginal peoples of Brazil since pre-Columbian times, made of maize or cassava) still very used nowadays, however has some Chiquitanos that differently of its ancestor, uses this drink with sugar.